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21. Quebec Labrador Caribou---Quebec

map of range of woodland caribou in Newfoundland, Saskatchewan, northern Idaho and southern British Columbi
Range is northern Quebec and Labrador
This is the common caribou species of the far north in Quebec. In the fall they migrate for hundreds of miles, following traditional routes to their wintering grounds. They are known for their huge antlers used for fighting during the rutting season. The fur of the caribou is especially warm and the natives use it to make coats, boots, and blankets. In recent years populations have been low compared to the past few decades. For that reason, hunting tags have been decreased, and a slow rebound in numbers is now occurring.


After a plane flight from Montreal to Kuujjuaq (previously called Fort Chimo), followed by a float plane flight to a remote camp, the five-day hunt began. After a several-mile hike, I spotted three bedded bulls, snuck in and made a 28-yard shot. When harvested this bull was in the top 30 taken with the bow. Packing the meat, horns, and cape back to camp was a job, but worth it. This large bull was taken in northern Quebec in 1989.

Samuel with Caribou head