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25. Brown Bear---Alaska

map showing the range of brown and grizzly bears in northern North America, Europe, and Asia

Map shows brown bears and grizzly bears. The general rule of thumb is that browns are only found in Alaska, and found near the coast. So, most of this map is showing range of grizzlies.

The Alaskan Brown Bear grows to 800 to 1,000 lbs. They are omnivores, eating grasses, roots, berries, rodents, and salmon. They breed in April and May, and sows give birth (usually 2 cubs) in the winter dens. This species ranks second to the Polar Bear as the largest land dwelling meat- eating animal in the world. Brown bears are not very sociable and spend most of their time alone.


Samuel with brown bearHere is the hide from a brown bear taken with the bow in 2015 in Alaska. These are aggressive animals, and for safety reasons the law requires that a bowhunter must have a guide with a gun. I never felt threatened by this bear, but he was chasing a hot sow when I harvested him, and he was very aggressive. The shot was 27 yards, and he traveled 60 yards after the shot. Because of heavy brown and grizzly bear predation on caribou and moose, the wildlife officials in Alaska have increased permits to hunt these two bear species. Costs for such hunts run high, but being retired with few bills to pay, I was able to make this hunt. Again, a great adventure, and taking old boar bears means saving cubs as the old boars are the biggest predator on bear cubs.