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9. Mouflon Sheep---Texas

The mouflon is thought to be an ancestor of all modern day wild sheep. They are native to the Mediterranean islands of Corsica, Sardinia, and Cyprus, and Iran and Iraq. However, they have been introduced to Texas, Hawaii, and various countries in Europe where they have done extremely well. The mouflon lives in mountainous terrain, usually above the tree line or in mountain meadows. The mouflon's horns don't flare out at the end as most wild sheep's do. There are now many more mouflons in Texas then their native islands.


Samuel posing with mouflon This mouflon was harvested in Texas in 2014. They are extremely wary, and I made numerous stalks before getting a shot at 38 yards. Mouflons have two different horn configurations. This one has horns that curve much like bighorn sheep (as seen with this mouflon). In mouflons that have the second type of horn shape the horns curve further back and if they get old enough the horns grow and touch the back of the neck. Obviously if that animal continues to age, and the horns continue to grow, the animal will die.